Time to catch up

This time of year is busy enough already without having a parent in bed because he’s not well! That’s what happened this week, when Daddy got sick. Mommy looked after him and got him lots of good food and lots of good drinks and he’s ok now – Mommy’s awesome! Unfortunately she might have taken some of Daddy’s sickness away from him to make him feel better, because now she doesn’t feel very well. But I know how strong she is (we play tummy tag sometimes!) and I know Daddy will look after her too.

Anyway, we have lots of catching up to do!  We have to decorate the tree we planted in our apartment, assemble my co-sleeper and show off some really cool bibs and socks that I’ll be wearing one day soon!

And since today’s Daddy’s birthday, it’s only one month and one day until I’m allowed to join in! Yay!

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