En route to parenthood!

Hi everyone, We composed this email ahead of time so that we could send it at short notice to let you know that we’re on our way to the hospital and that, God-willing, babyNyLon will be here with us in a few (hopefully short) hours! We probably won’t have Internet or much phone access from … Continue reading

Ready? Set? Wait!

After 40 weeks of growing I’m now big enough to come and join everyone!  Yay!  Mommy and Daddy had set today as our meeting day, but although I’m trying my best I can’t find my way out of her(e) yet!  I think we’re getting closer though – Mommy gives me great big hugs every few … Continue reading

More visitors!

We got some great news over this weekend – we’re getting more visitors! Auntie L and Uncle J are coming to see us in April 🙂 Seems like ages since we were all last together: I wonder if they will have grown as much as me?

Whether forecast

Daddy made a “Whether” Forecast for each day in the next three weeks to chart the likelihood of “whether” I will be born on that day!  It’s not based on anything scientific – it just relies on two principles of logic: The longer you wait, the more likely that something certain will happen; It hasn’t … Continue reading


We just heard that some of our family will be flying half way around the world to come see us in February! I hope they stay long enough for us to really get to know each other 🙂

Co-sleep sheep

Co-sleep sheep

Mommy and Daddy must be expecting me soon – they put together a special bed for me and asked my friend Sleep Sheep to get it all warmed up and cosy.  They’ve put it right up beside Mommy’s side of the big bed to make it easier for us to see each other.  It looks … Continue reading