Co-sleep sheep

Mommy and Daddy must be expecting me soon – they put together a special bed for me and asked my friend Sleep Sheep to get it all warmed up and cosy.  They’ve put it right up beside Mommy’s side of the big bed to make it easier for us to see each other.  It looks so inviting…

Co-sleep sheep

Mommy practised using the swaddling blanket on my friend Sleep Sheep

One Response to “Co-sleep sheep”
  1. MommyNyLon says:

    Yes baby NyLon, I’m sure I won’t be able to take my eyes
    off of you! It might take you a little while to be able to see me
    from there… We have to say thank you to our very good friends for
    your special bed! Our fellowship group were SO kind to get it for
    us, and to have fun with the bibs and games together too! They are
    so good to us! They also got the special bible for you and signed
    it! And your little Shake Shack shirt, which you’ll get to wear in
    the spring 🙂 Thanks guys! Stay cosy, little one. Love, Mommy

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