Ready? Set? Wait!

After 40 weeks of growing I’m now big enough to come and join everyone!  Yay!  Mommy and Daddy had set today as our meeting day, but although I’m trying my best I can’t find my way out of her(e) yet!  I think we’re getting closer though – Mommy gives me great big hugs every few minutes, so I guess she thinks I’m on my way and is just really excited.  Daddy’s excited too, although he’s a bit quieter than usual.

I hear that when we go to the building with all the welcoming rooms and all the beds we might have to stop tweeting and blogging.  That’s a shame.  But it’s probably for the best since I have a lot to do today anyway.  I have a feeling Daddy will try to keep everyone up-to-date when he can…

See me soon everyone!

One Response to “Ready? Set? Wait!”
  1. Don Wilson - Great Grandpa says:

    We all can hardly wait for your appearance and trust that Daddy NyLon will be in touch with us with the good news soon!

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