My first ten days

After months of wondering how best to make my entrance, I decided to arrive fashionably late and put in an appearance at my welcome party less than five hours after I was expected. Mommy and Daddy were there to greet me and we spent some time in the hospital getting to know each other. Hospitals smell funny: even I could tell that.

Anyway, we were able to see our apartment from our hospital room so after a few days we decided it was time for an adventure and we exchanged one island for a different, much smaller, island. We’ve been here for eight full days now and I like it. Mommy and Daddy have been taking lots of photos (I think it’s so that they don’t have to write anything down), and they have put together an album to share my first week with you. If you would like to see the pictures, you can click the samples below. I’m a bit camera shy, though, so you’ll have to let me know you’re my friend by registering on our website. Once you’re in you can vote on your favorites and even leave comments for me. Cool, eh?!

Hope to see you there!

PS Don’t worry if the registration page doesn’t seem to work – we’ll get the messages!

One Response to “My first ten days”
  1. Judy L'Abbe says:

    BabyNylon, I am your Grandma in Ottawa. Your pictures are great, you are quite cute. I look forward to meeting you sometime soon.
    You keep growing and enjoying time with Mommy and Daddy, they are very happy to meet you and you are very lucky to have them for Parents.
    Love Grandma

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