Lots to write about!

What a couple of weeks!  Nana and Papa came to visit Mommy, Daddy and I last week and we all had a great time 🙂  We only traveled close to home, but Daddy took lots of photos and some videos too, and we made it into Manhattan once or twice.  We had a really nice time and Nana and Papa even bought me a stroller!  Mommy and Daddy put it together and took a video of that too, so hopefully they’ll get around to putting in online soon.

11lb bowling ball

I now weigh almost as much as this bowling ball, but I have more hair.

I also went to the Dr today for a checkup.  I’ve grown lots!  I now weigh 10bs 13.3oz and am 21.25 inches long.  I thought maybe I had grown more because some of my clothes don’t fit me anymore, but Daddy says he’d be very happy to grow 1.5 inches in the next five weeks.

We also want to say a big, big thank you to all of Mommy and Daddy’s friends who have been so helpful.  They brought us groceries, cooked us delicious meals and desserts (there are some great cooks and chefs here!) and let us borrow a stroller too.  They have really helped us all to spend more time together and to start our new life together with as little stress as possible.  Thank you everyone.  Thank you so much!

One Response to “Lots to write about!”
  1. Nana says:

    Wow, that’s a great weight. I’m not surprised as I know you love mealtimes. Now it’s time for you to look around more and give lots of smiles to mommy and daddy. xo

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