Daddy’s Day!

Today was a special day to give daddy some gifts and to tell him he’s pretty cool 🙂  We had a nice time just hanging out and the three of us went into the garden to play with the ball mommy and I got him.  It was fun!

We have lots of things to tell you all, and lots of pictures to share, but daddy’s computer is broken so it’s taking us longer than usual to get everything uploaded.  Maybe one of the gifts mommy and I gave to daddy will help with that… I’ll let him explain what it is!

One Response to “Daddy’s Day!”
  1. Don Wilson - Great Grandpa says:


    Glad to hear that you three were able to help Daddy celebrate his day! We do hope that his computer will be fixed soon but in the meantime it is great that Mommy’s is available. We think of you often and today we think of all the Daddy’s in our family – and there are a number of them.

    Take care, Georgie. We love you and look forward to seeing you again some day soon.

    Great G’pa

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