Some of our friends have been asking us if we have a gift registry and what sort of things we will need when little babyNyLon arrives. So, being very grateful for their generosity and hoping that it will help organise stuff, we took the plunge and set up a registry 🙂

The link to it is here:

You will be asked for a password: please use NyLon (it’s case-sensitive and you have to click “Login” – using “Enter” won’t work…)

The registry is slightly unusual, in that it’s not linked to any particular store.  It’s more of a list of products, so that you can have a look at everything, and, if you see something you would like to buy, you can get it from anywhere and return to the registry to mark the item as “purchased”.

Of course, any gifts would be gratefully received.  You might notice, though, that where available we’ve chosen organic cotton and eco-friendly items (e.g. cloth diapers with disposable inserts).  We also would love unique and hand-made baby-friendly gifts 🙂

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