No more shots for three whole months!

I’ve just had my half birthday, and today we celebrated by going to the doctor, who stuck three needles into my legs.  It wasn’t really the celebration I had been hoping for, but the good news is that she says I am healthy and growing so well that she doesn’t need to see me for … Continue reading

Lots to write about!

What a couple of weeks!  Nana and Papa came to visit Mommy, Daddy and I last week and we all had a great time 🙂  We only traveled close to home, but Daddy took lots of photos and some videos too, and we made it into Manhattan once or twice.  We had a really nice … Continue reading

Test results

Mommy, Daddy and I went to see Dr S last week so that he could give me my two week tests.  I didn’t do any study for them but I concentrated very hard and scored 75% in my height test and 50% in my weight test.  Daddy says that’s a perfect score and means I’m … Continue reading