My first ten days

After months of wondering how best to make my entrance, I decided to arrive fashionably late and put in an appearance at my welcome party less than five hours after I was expected. Mommy and Daddy were there to greet me and we spent some time in the hospital getting to know each other. Hospitals … Continue reading

Whether forecast

Daddy made a “Whether” Forecast for each day in the next three weeks to chart the likelihood of “whether” I will be born on that day!  It’s not based on anything scientific – it just relies on two principles of logic: The longer you wait, the more likely that something certain will happen; It hasn’t … Continue reading

Co-sleep sheep

Co-sleep sheep

Mommy and Daddy must be expecting me soon – they put together a special bed for me and asked my friend Sleep Sheep to get it all warmed up and cosy.  They’ve put it right up beside Mommy’s side of the big bed to make it easier for us to see each other.  It looks … Continue reading

Time to catch up

This time of year is busy enough already without having a parent in bed because he’s not well! That’s what happened this week, when Daddy got sick. Mommy looked after him and got him lots of good food and lots of good drinks and he’s ok now – Mommy’s awesome! Unfortunately she might have taken … Continue reading

Check out my crib!


Here it is! Mommy and Daddy got to work on Saturday and put my crib together! They have it all set up in our room and even put some toys in for me: it looks so cosy! If you like it too, let me know below!